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We are a family striving to do all in harmony with God’s Word, the Bible. When you visit the church of Christ

a warm welcome awaits you...

the meaning of church family

Come and Discover 

Not sure where to start?

Browse online resources or go to the livestream

Reading Bible

Guided Online Studies

Learn at your own pace with an online guided study, or in-person with us!

Adult Students

Bible Study Tips

Handling the Scriptures accurately takes diligent effort and training. Start today!

Gamer with Headphones

Sermon Video / Audio

Find what you're looking for! Browse our yearly preaching themes.



Enjoy Bible classes for all ages on Sunday morning, and join us for worship! We also offer other scheduled Bible classes. Questions? Get in touch >>

With free events throughout the year focused on helping build up our community, and individual Bible studies, we're ready to meet you where you are! See all events >>


10 am Bible classes

11 am Worship service

2 pm Afternoon worship servic


7 pm Bible study and devotional

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