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There are a number of great resources in the brotherhood that we would like to make available to you. Below you will find preaching schools, other congregations in the area, or resources for learning more about the Bible. Enjoy!

The Bear Valley Bible Institute Denver 


BVBID is an excellent school for those looking to become preachers. Their site has many resources including the "Chapel Cast" of their daily chapel sessions at the school. 

Tennessee Bible College


A two Year school of the Bible at which students are equipped for serving the Lord's church, whether in the capacity of a preacher, teacher, or Christian worker. 

Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies


Since 1971, the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions has been training faithful men to go into the world and preach the gospel. The East Tennessee School o Preaching is now known as the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies

World Video Bible School


Are you looking for Christ centered literature, videos, tracts or other resources? Then WVBS is a good place to look. 

Focus Press


Publishers of "Think" Magazine as well as many other excellent resources for the church. 

Apologetics Press


Great resource for Christian evidences, science and the Bible, as well as many other topics!


Gospel Advocate


Publishers of the Gospel Advocate magazine as well as many other resources for the church.  

In Search of the Lord's Way


A free resource for weekly sermon videos and evangelistic flyers, conveniently all their resources are free.

Also If you like listening to acapella music in your spare time, or want to learn a new song, In Search of the Lord's Way has a large collection of acapella songs to listen to on thier website, Click Here to be directed to thier music page. 

Northeastern Christian Net E-Magazine


Compiled by Preacher in New England for Christians in New England, this quarterly e-zine is aimed at helping the church in New England grow! 

The Gospel Minutes


Do you have questions about any aspect of the church? These great articles strive to answer common questions. 

Manchester church of Christ, Manchester NH.


The Manchester congregation's website is a great resource for Christians in New England. One of the resources they provide is a list of all of the Congregations in New England. 

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