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Though we are a small congregation (at the moment), God has richly blessed us with people who are ready and willing to minister to those around them in whatever ways they can. 

Bible classes 


Bible education is extremely important for both children and adults. Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. and Wednesday nights at 7 p.m., we offer Bible classes for all ages to fill this need. These Bible classes are designed to be age-appropriate, and engaging, to give the students practical teaching from the Bible. 

One-on-One Bible studies 


Sometimes a group Bible study can be intimidating or it may not currently cover the issues that you specifically need. Because of this, we offer One on One Bible studies. Whether you are totally new to the Bible, a young Christian, or a mature Christian who wants to sharpen your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, we are interested in helping you! Depending on your need we can pair you up with a couple of people to sit down and study God's word in a comfortable, non-intimidating setting. 

Internship Program


Looking to gain some practical experience in a domestic mission field?  Preachers-in-training can get a glimpse into the day-to-day life of ministry working with a small but active congregation.



Training the youth to be faithful, godly adults is key to the survival of the church as they are the next generation of leaders. Because of this we are proactive in teaching our young people to follow God. Knowing that "all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy" we also mix in a healthy dose of fun! For more info visit our Youth Group page

Click here to learn more about our summer youth program. 

Family Meals


The church is often described as a family, and one of the traits of strong families is that they eat together. Now practically speaking we cannot eat every meal together, but we do make time to eat together. We have a pot luck dinner after morning service every first Sunday of the month. Whether or not you are able to prepare something to share, we invite you to come!

College Outreach


College is an exciting time in life, though it can also be a challenge and sometimes can even be intimidating. The development that goes on at college shapes who a person will be for the rest of their life. The importance of involving God in this growth cannot be understated. Because of this we offer a young adult Bible study in which we examine books of the Bible in context and to discuss how we can apply these truths to our lives. The time has recently boon moved. If you want to attend please call, email or FaceBook message us for times and locations on any given week. 

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