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Upcoming Events:

Check out our schedule of free family activities, workshops, seminars, and more. There is something for everyone!

  • 2023 Lectures
    2023 Lectures
    Fri, Oct 06
    Christians around New England and beyond: come feast on the Word!
  • Christian Evidences Seminar
    Christian Evidences Seminar
    Join us as Dr. Jeff Miller lays out the evidence from science, reason, and Scripture that substantiates the biblical model of human origins.

We love our community.

We care about the needs of our neighbors. Each year, we invite speakers from around the country to share their expertise on essential topics for building up strong families and communities. Get invitations to our free activities sent right to your inbox!

Here is a shot of our Vacation Bible School for kids ages 3-12 from last year. We hope you join us for the next one! Get invitations to this and our other free activities sent right to your inbox!

Past Events

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