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2020 Sermons - "Humble Yourself Before God!" 

What Do We Do When Christians Refuse to Be Humble? 
Humbling Ourselves to Worship God as He Desires
How to Identify Commands series by Tom Jackson
Selfishness Causes Division & Destroys Churches
Humbling Ourselves Toward Our Fellow Man
Rightly Handling the Word of Truth
Humbling Ourselves About the Elephants in the Room. 
Meeting back together again sermons

Humbling Ourselves to Remove Sin from Our Lives

This sermon series will be examining the fact that we must remove sin from our lives. 

Humbling Ourselves to See Sin as God Does

This sermon series will be examining how God sees sin, so that we can imitate His view of sin. 

Staying Faithful Through Trying Times

In these difficult times, it is important for us to refocus on what is most important. 

Humbling Ourselves to See God's Plan

This sermon series will be examining God's plan throughout the Bible.  

Jesus’ Example of Humility

This sermon series we will be spending our time studying the Example that Jesus presented of Humility. 

What is Biblical Humility?

This sermon series introduces the preaching theme for 2020. In this series we are looking at examples of people in the Bible who demonstrated true Biblical humility. 

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