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Tools for Internet Evangelism


In this section you will find a number of tools that you can use to do evangelism on the internet. Remember, you are probably not going to convert someone exclusively over the internet, eventually there must be personal interaction. These tools are intended to help you to connect with people and to share info about specific subject with people you already know. 

World Video Bible School
World Video Bible School

WVBS has very well-made videos on all sorts of topics. If a friend or contact askes you about a subject, consider looking on WVBS for a video covering that subject.

​Additionally WVBS has:

  • Dedicated websites that can serve specific needs that people may have ( 

  • Online Bible School site ( which is a great personal edification tool for members, as well as an offering for non-members who might feel that they have advanced knowledge and sometimes struggle to agree to a personal Bible studies with you.

  • Invitation Cards and Door Hangers that they have can help to bridge from personal evangelism to internet resources (

The Daily Apologist
The Daily Apologist

The Daily apologist deals primarily with teaching apologetics through social media. They have videos, articles, and other resources for your learning, which you can share with your friends. 

Apologetics Press
World Bible School
House to House, Heart to Heart School of Evangelism
the Lakes Region church of Christ
Apologetics Press

AP does a lot of work with WVBS, so you will find many of their videos over there. But, the Apologetics Press website has more videos, articles and other resources for you to use.


World Bible School

Do not confuse WBS with WVBS! World Bible School has online courses, including evangelistic correspondence courses and in-depth Bible classes. This would be a great place to turn if you someone shows interest in learning more, but they live a long way away.
We are signed up with WBS to do the evangelistic Correspondence courses, so if you share this link with a someone, then we will be the ones who work with them:

Or you can direct them to this page on our website: 

House to House Heart to Heart

We send H2H to the communities around the church building so some of the people you know already receive it. On their website you can find copies of past issues of H2H, articles on various topics and even Bible quizzes.


Our Facebook page

We post daily proverbs, the Weekly sermons and event announcements on our FB page. Please like our page and share our posts. The more you share our posts, the more people will see our content!

Our Email List

We have an email list where people can sign up to receive event announcements and notifications about each week's sermons. You can encourage your friends to sign up so they will know what is coming up. 

Note: DO NOT sign your friends up without their consent! We DO NOT want to be seen as uninvited spam! 

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