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Hey there.

If you're looking for the meals list for our sick/injured members, first of all, thank you for your desire to help! The list IS up and available, but it's been moved to a private section of the website that will provide better security to protect member information. Please take a moment and sign up for the Members Area to get access to this protected section of the site. It's (obviously) exclusively for members of our congregation and will not be available to anyone else on the internet at any time. Read on to learn more!

Features of the Members Area

This area is equipped with a list of useful tools to help keep information up-to-date and accessible for everyone in real time, including:
  • Online Directory 
  • Messenger (not connected to Facebook in any way - just an organized forum)
  • Groups List - Volunteers can sign up for meals, events, etc. and receive notifications whenever there's an update
  • Gallery - Share fun photos in a congregation "scrapbook"
  • My Account - a place where you can quickly update your contact info and preferences.
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