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Our Workers

Here at the Lakes Region church of Christ, we strive to serve others in all that we do as Christ demonstrated for us. Here are a few of the people who commit time and effort to serve the Lord by working with the local congregation of His church.

Our Elders

Dan King
Bob Blouin

Our Deacons

Bob Aspey_edited.jpg
Bob Aspey
Richard Heller

Our Minister

What Does a Preacher Do?

David Rollert graduated from the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver in May of 2011. He and his wife Keeley moved to New Hampshire as missionaries that same year. They have worked with the Lakes Region congregation for over 10 years and have a passion for seeing the kingdom grow and thrive in the northeast. 
Preaching Team

At the Lakes Region church of Christ we divide the preaching responsibilities among those who are willing and able to preach. Our Minister preaches Sunday mornings. The other members of the team are scheduled throughout the rest of the preaching rotation. The preaching team includes: Jim Blake, Rob Blouin, Richard Heller, Dan King, Patrick Reynolds, Allen Reynolds, Bob Aspey and David Rollert.

Ladies Education Team 

The ladies of the Lakes Region congregation are devoted to encouraging each other and the community unto Love and good works. The Ladies Education Team consists of: Ramona Blake, Martha Blouin, Maureen Heller, Janet King, Linda Aspey, Jessica King and Keeley Rollert.

Children's Education Team 

Children are tomorrow's leaders. They must be taught from a young age how to become strong Christians. Our team takes this very seriously, while encouraging a fun atmosphere. The Children's Education team consists of: Patrick Reynolds, Ramona Blake, Martha Blouin, Janet King, Jessica King, Deb Crooks, Bob Aspey, Linda Aspey, Keeley Rollert and  Rob Blouin. 

More about the Lakes Region church of Christ


10 am Bible classes

11 am Worship service

2 pm Afternoon worship servic

7 pm Bible study and devotional

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